December 18, 2022

Matthew 1: 18-24


“He did as the angel of the Lord had commanded him.”

What is Joseph made of that despite a crisis situation, he was able to choose to do what he ought?
Imagine yourself receiving an overwhelming message or entering a new reality you have not even conceived nor ever dreamed of for your life. It takes an extraordinary courageous faith to embrace such! Joseph must have been unable to return to sleep after that breathtaking vision in a dream. He must have been shocked and perplexed at the onset, but never paralyzed, only determined to do something right.

Life will definitely usher us through experiences of darkness and uncertainties. Like Joseph, all we must do is to muster some courage and take that leap of faith. Faith is allowing the Lord to steer the course amidst difficulties and uncertainties in our journey.

A song, popularized by an acapella singing group, puts words into the silence of Joseph that seem to ask God:

How can it be, this baby in my arms, sleeping now, so peacefully.
The son of God, the angel said, how could it be?
O Lord I know he’s not my own, not of my flesh, not of my bone.
Still Father, let this baby be the son of my love.
Father, show me where I fit into this plan of yours.
How can a man be father to the son of God?
Lord, for all my life I’ve been a simple carpenter… how can I raise a king?
How can I raise a king?

Like Joseph, before a grand plan and unexpected call or mission, it is easy to notice our littleness and limitations. Why me, of all people? Where and how do I fit in this plan? Just like God had a plan for Joseph, so He does for each of us. We could feel just too poor, inadequate, unprepared and lacking in a lot of things. We might even feel that we do not have anything to contribute for we are but a “simple carpenter,” insignificant, with nothing to offer. But the God who calls also sees what is possible in each of us. God works not only through our “best parts,” but also, even through our weakness and frailty.

In our generous YES, we will find the hands of God at work and make things unfold in our lives according to His plan. May we have that faith like Joseph’s– obedient and willing to adjust the course so as to follow the path He wants us to take, no matter what the cost. As Joseph experienced, God’s grace will always be sufficient for any mission He has conceived fit and just right for us.


Question: What lessons can we learn from St. Joseph that we can apply to our lives today?


Fr. Roy Rexelle Decena