January 4, 2023

John 1:35-44


Listening to what others say may create impressions about persons, things or events. When it is a good one, it inspires us; when it is not, it discourages us. Thus when John saw Jesus walking and exclaimed: ‘Behold, the Lamb of God!’, two of his disciples followed Jesus. Theirs is the impression that inspired them to follow Jesus.

The title “Lamb of God” is given to Jesus, especially in the Gospel of John. We know that the lamb is an animal used for sacrificial offering. Hence calling Jesus the Lamb of God points to the reality that Jesus is now the new lamb that is ready to suffer and die for everyone. The lamb may just be symbolic but with Jesus as the new lamb, it becomes real.

But an impression may not last but a good relationship does. So, the invitation of Jesus to “come and see” opens a new dimension of the relationship. See for yourself. This requires a very personal and at the same time relational value. Take time with Jesus in prayer, in the liturgy and in the sacraments, and in our service for justice and charity. For by doing so we become disciples of Jesus.


How do we relate to Jesus? Is it because of what we read about Him or in a more personal level?


Bp. Severo Caermare