December 13

Mt. 21:28-32


The Gospel of today speaks about the parable of the two sons who are opposite to each other. We heard that the first one, after saying ‘no’ to his father’s command to work in their vineyard, changed his mind and went. On the other hand, the younger son said ‘yes’ but he did not go.

Brothers and sisters, this is the reality during the time of Christ. His followers thought that Jesus was referring to them, as the ones who said yes but later on, they failed in living out their obedience to God’s will. They are more on lip service. Better than those who are rejected and despised by society, the sinners, have said no but later on they are the ones who are faithful in responding to God’s invitation.

This is the challenge in today’s generation. Many of us Christians want to be called Christian but only in name, not in practice. There are only two kinds of Catholics, one is the true Catholic who follows the commandments of God, goes to the church regularly and receives the sacraments. The other one is the one who only goes to the church during their baptism, during their wedding and during their funeral. Popularly known as KBL (Kasal, Binyag, Libing). We have to remember that by virtue of our baptism, we have submitted ourselves to God’s invitation, we are called adopted sons and daughters of God and we are brothers and sisters of Christ, the followers of Christ, saved by His cross. We see in this parable that our declaration of belief in our Savior can never take the place of a practical declaration of faith. It has to be lived. It has to find realization in how we live our lives that are consistent with the faith that we profess.

The Christian way is the way that is seen in action and not simply heard from the mouth. God is offering us today to work generously in his vineyard. We have to be sincere to say “Yes” to his invitation so that we can have a beautiful place in heaven. May God bless us all. Amen.

Reflection guide

Which of the two brothers do you closely identify yourself with?
Recall those moments when you have experienced joy after saying “yes” to the Lord.
Recall those moments when you have doubted your “yes” or that the Lord really loves you.


Fr. Rey Sabuero